Electromagnetic field intensity guidelines                                                            

Common symptoms from electromagnetic field exposure


Electromagnetic Field Intensity guidelines

 (for long-term exposure)


                                                             50/60 Hz                     50/60 Hz                      Radio-

                                                           magnetic                   electric                        & microwave

 no known symptoms                      0.65 mG               6 V/m               0.01mW/cm2

health problem increase            1.00                    10                  0.025

adverse health problems            2.00 +                 15 +               0.065 +


These guidelines were developed by Dr. Jerzy Kulczycki on the basis of a review of medical research in 1989. (From Basis of Electromagnetic Hygiene) See our books.


Electromagnetic Field Symptoms guide  

50 / 60 Hz magnetic fields:

weakened immune system, endo­crine disorders, un-refreshing sleep, leukemia, accelerated cancer.

 50 / 60 Hz electric fields:

 multiple allergies (and "electrosensitivity"), skin and nervous system disorders, decrease in lymphocytes.

 radiofrequency & microwave:

mental disorientation, speech difficulties, reflex and reaction-time alterations, accelerated visual loss and cataracts, neuro-vegetative disturbances.


Should you note such symptoms and cannot find a plausible cause-effect relationship for the individual involved, consider the possibility of an electromagnetic origin. A proper electromagnetic survey may confirm the source of the difficulty by matching lifestyle with exposure conditions. Sometimes the remedial action for the electromagnetic source or sources removes the symptom - if it is not too late.