Electromagnetic fields at home, at work



Characteristics, health effects, how to properly
detect problem sources and identify effective mitigation

Dr. Andrew Michrowski, instructor  


$ 395 (minus $25 per person, if 2 or more attending) + HST.

price reductions apply for advance payments, please inquire

Friday introductory only: $75 (minus $25, 2 persons) + HST



health practitioners, architects, engineers, electricians, the responsible laypersons willing to improve their lifestyle.


Electromagnetic spectrum; bioeffects: electric, magnetic, electromagnetic fields; thermal/non thermal, linear/ non-linear effects; absorption characteristics; scalars; melatonin link;

symptoms for types of exposure; 

transmission & propagation of electromagnetic signals; harmonics, transients, damping.., exposure situations; magnification and reduction; 

guidelines - their development; emerging regulations; 

exposure hygiene: who should be protected, at what age, where (school, bedroom, long-term usage, medical device usage); 

wiring types, code, grounding, 

typical problems/inexpensive solutions

critical exposures: workstation and therapy area environment; rural environments; 

measuring equipment: electrical, electrostatics/ion discrimination, magnetic (dosimeters, gaussmeters, single and multi-pole probe), static magnetic fields; RF & mw; ammeter; electrical resistivity; 

protocol and procedure; tracing; geopathics and health - situations and health effects; 

hypersensitivity - allergen link with electromagnetics; 

subtle energy interface;

interface of medication; subtle energy therapeutics; 

personal protection devices - what to expect, rationale.


Friday evening session is introductory and for the general public;

  Saturday, Sunday sessions are directed at professional training. (Your professional society may grant education credits for the workshop.)

Certificate issued, at request, upon successful exam.




Friday (introductory) 7 - 10 PM

Electromagnetic spectrum; its use by sector, mode of transmission as dependent on frequency and wavelength, dispersion; Nomenclature: Hertz, Tesla, Gauss, Watt/cm2. Range of bioeffects: electric, magnetic, electromagnetic; differentiation between thermal and non thermal, linear and non-linear; absorption characteristics; scalar electromagnetics; the melatonin connection. Transmission & distribution: wiring, transmission lines,antennae. Concept of circuits. Voltage / amperage. Harmonics, transients, beating of 2 or more frequencies [F1 + F2 = (F1 + F2) + (F1 - F2)  / 30 + 10 = 40 + 20]. How magnetic fields are magnified: spacing of conduits (knob and tube wiring), loop circuits, re-radiation phenomena. How magnetic fields may be reduced: phasing, compacting wires; annulling; counteractors; "white noise" formula; shock bow effect / Faraday effect; absorption. Type of situations encountered: wiring configuration -- knob & tube, series, grounding wires, transmission lines, shielding with MuMetal. Guidelines based on independent European experience  -- how developed in early 1980s. New regulations coming along: 2mG, preference for 1mG.  Exposure hygiene: who should be protected, as of what age, where (school, bedroom, long-term usage). Symptoms to look out for (powerline frequencies: German statistics; for microwave: disorientation, incoherence immune system breakdown)

 Saturday (practical) 9AM - 5PM

 Basic wiring configurations: panel, sub-panel  (good & to avoid). Electrical Code grounding requirements. Purpose of grounding systems. Mitigation: sundry fields; water main problematics. re-grounding, transformer poles, some neighbourhood dynamics; isolation of critical areas - bedroom, etc. Work environments & EMI - classroom dynamics, farm environments (general and barns), supercomputer facilities. 

Sunday (hands-on experience) 9AM - 5PM

Equipment: electrical, electrostatics / ion discrimination, magnetic (dosimeters, gaussmeters, single and multi-pole probe), static magnetic fields; RF & MW; ammeter. Protocol and procedure of analysis of situation (indoor/outdoor, peripheral, walk through, profiles). Tracing. Determination of panel-driven EMF. Balance equation of grounding returns: neutral, grounding wire, TV, Cable. Hands-on experience.


Instructor:  A. Michrowski


Dr. Andrew Michrowski studied at the faculties of Architecture and Urbanism at the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, where he received his Dott. Arch. Degree with honours. He has served with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs as Chief Planner, followed by senior positions with the Secretary of State of Canada as forecaster, analyst and program evaluator. 

He has authored such papers as, Solutions to the global environmental crisis (Address at the United Nations),The electromagnetic dimension of indoor environments (5th International conference on Indoor Air), Nuclear fuel waste management and disposal concept and Practical EMF pointers. He has edited, co-edited such books as: New energy technology, Basis of electromagnetic hygiene, Studying problems associated with video display systems, The ELF factor: selected bibliography, Emerging energy science (also developed into an electronic information database of same name), VDT sources: the ELF factor, selected references, and An ELF primer.

He was scientific advisor of a national prime-time TV special, Nikola Tesla - the forgotten genius, special advisor to the producer of the film, The secret of Nikola Tesla (with Orson Welles), scientific advisor for the award-winning (best United Kingdom documentary of the year) BBC Horizon/NOVA series production, The mysterious Mr. Tesla; and, producer of the investigative TV documentary, The question of video display terminals.

He lectures before scientific and engineering societies and makes presentations on current scientific issues before concerned groups.  Since 1991, he has been providing extended workshops, some of which lead to certificates, on EMF with a view of enabling participants to identify and to mitigate EMF problems in the built environment. Between 1993 and 1996 he headed the study team analyzing electromagnetic fields in Canadian houses for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


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