EMF Workshops

Friday (introductory) 7 – 10 PM

Electromagnetic spectrum; its use by sector, mode of transmission as dependent on frequency and wavelength, dispersion; Nomenclature: Hertz, Tesla, Gauss, Watt/cm2Range of bioeffects: electric, magnetic, electromagnetic; differentiation between thermal and non thermal, linear and non-linear; absorption characteristics; scalar electromagnetics; the melatonin connection. Transmission & distribution: wiring, transmission lines,antennae. Concept of circuitsVoltage / amperageHarmonics, transients, beating of 2 or more frequencies [F1 + F2 = (F1 + F2) + (F1 – F2)  / 30 + 10 = 40 + 20]. How magnetic fields are magnified: spacing of conduits (knob and tube wiring), loop circuits, re-radiation phenomena. How magnetic fields may be reduced: phasing, compacting wires; annulling; counteractors; “white noise” formula; shock bow effect / Faraday effect; absorption. Type of situations encountered: wiring configuration — knob & tube, series, grounding wires, transmission lines, shielding with MuMetal. Guidelines based on independent European experience  — how developed in early 1980s. New regulations coming along: 2mG, preference for 1mG.  Exposure hygiene: who should be protected, as of what age, where (school, bedroom, long-term usage). Symptoms to look out for (powerline frequencies: German statistics; for microwave: disorientation, incoherence immune system breakdown)

 Saturday (practical) 9AM – 5PM

 Basic wiring configurations: panel, sub-panel  (good & to avoid). Electrical Code grounding requirements. Purpose of grounding systemsMitigation: sundry fields; water main problematics. re-grounding, transformer poles, some neighbourhood dynamics; isolation of critical areas – bedroom, etc. Work environments & EMI – classroom dynamics, farm environments (general and barns), supercomputer facilities. 

Sunday (hands-on experience) 9AM – 5PM

Equipment: electrical, electrostatics / ion discrimination, magnetic (dosimeters, gaussmeters, single and multi-pole probe), static magnetic fields; RF & MW; ammeter. Protocol and procedure of analysis of situation(indoor/outdoor, peripheral, walk through, profiles). TracingDetermination of panel-driven EMFBalance equation of grounding returns: neutral, grounding wire, TV, Cable. Hands-on experience.