Electromagnetic fields at home, at work


health practitioners, architects, engineers, electricians, the responsible laypersons willing to improve their lifestyle.

Electromagnetic spectrumbioeffects: electric, magnetic, electromagnetic fields; thermal/non thermal, linear/ non-linear effects; absorption characteristics; scalars; melatonin link;

symptoms for types of exposure; 

transmission & propagation of electromagnetic signals; harmonics, transients, damping.., exposure situations; magnification and reduction; 

guidelines – their development; emerging regulations; 

exposure hygiene: who should be protected, at what age, where (school, bedroom, long-term usage, medical device usage); 

wiring types, code, grounding, 

typical problems/inexpensive solutions

critical exposures: workstation and therapy area environment; rural environments; 

measuring equipment: electrical, electrostatics/ion discrimination, magnetic (dosimeters, gaussmeters, single and multi-pole probe), static magnetic fields; RF & mw; ammeter; electrical resistivity; 

protocol and procedure; tracinggeopathics and health – situations and health effects; 

hypersensitivity – allergen link with electromagnetics; 

subtle energy interface;

interface of medication; subtle energy therapeutics; 

personal protection devices – what to expect, rationale.

Friday evening session is introductory and for the general public;

  SaturdaySunday sessions are directed at professional training. (Your professional society may grant education credits for the workshop.)

Certificate issued, at request, upon successful exam.