Bioresonance research and opportunity – Bjørn Johan Øverbye MD. Ph.D.

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Spiral bound. 2006. 54 pages.

As Dr. Vilhelm Schjelderup MD puts it in the preface, “man is as much an electromagnetic being as he is chemical and the question of electromagnetic pollution may be as crucial as chemical pollution.” This work describes research to understand how a small silica crystal design is able to provide protective effect on exposure from cellphones. The charting analysis was conducted on 3,200 measurements, with electro-acupuncture analysis and shows how cellphone emissions penetrate into the cellular-level network of life.

This novel and productive approach details the history of methods for charting life energies, their various harmony and disharmony, stability, spin, conductivity codes in an understandable and practical manner. It also reports on a testing methodology to determine efficacy of subtle energy therapeutic modalities.

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