Hi-Fi Colour Torroid (set of 3)

$649.00 HST

Basic Pulsor technology for use in Vortex energy balancing & environmental protection.

The Torroids (Red, Green, and Blue), correspond to the slower, medium and faster wavelengths of the energy spectrum, respectively to resonate with the Physical, Emotional and Mental energy.

Protocols exist for placing these Torroid Pulsors in specific patterns on the body. These result in vortex energy balancing and restoration.

The Pulsor Torroids are frequency modulated. (See explanation on this aspect: The theory of Pulsor operation by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden. Pulsor – Bearden – Theory of Pulsor operation

They can be used to condition appliances or the environment. Placing them in triangulation (as indicated in the image) serves for the corners of zones such as bed-sites, and workplaces. You can test the triangulation effect by the before-after taste of the water.

The use of this type of Pulsor is detailed in the manual: Miracle of microcrystals by the inventor, Dr. George T. F. Yao.

We provide Pulsor training.

(See the Workshop section on this website for details.)


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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm


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