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With its 12″ (30cm) diameter globe, the original SensoSphere is small enough to be placed in homes and apartments. It is ideal for personal use in living rooms, bedrooms or home offices, as well as in commercial areas where ambient light is not overly bright. This state-of-the-art interactive mood light creates a harmonizing atmosphere and induces a state of well-being, of calm and relaxation. More than a simple mood light, the SensoSphere Classic+ creates many beneficial effects on the body and mind through its modulations of colour.

There is a Bluetooth interface for advanced control with the SensoSphere mobile App that provides interactive complex light patterns that are generated by sophisticated algorithms, transmitted by an array of LEDs with 17 independent light sources, each having three primary colours (red, green and blue LEDs) for a total of 51 channels, with a total of 102 individual LEDs.

The light emitted from the SensoSphere is continuously undergoing subtle transformations. Because the SensoSphere never repeats the same light patterns, contemplating it remains endlessly fascinating.

The SensoSphere central module contains a powerful ARM microprocessor

MSeven mood light modes

​With “cool” colours in tones of blue, turquoise and green, appropriate for relaxation, calm, reassurance, peace and serenity. This setting is ideal to calm mental agitation and anxiety.

Including all the colours of the rainbow and connected to balance, creativity, tonification and harmony, this setting is beneficial at any moment of the day and compatible with practically every possible mood.

This sequence of “warm” colours in tones of red, orange and yellow, brings dynamism, comfort, good humour, and at the same time awakens and stimulates creativity and cerebral activity. It brings energy in cases of fatigue or passing gloominess.

This mode uses the same full spectrum colours as the Balancing mode, with the addition of light pulsations at the Gamma brainwave frequency of 40Hz. Gamma brainwaves are generally associated with high levels of cognitive functioning, so this mode could be especially useful for seniors experiencing a decline in mental ability.

​This mode delicately lulls you towards a deep and restful sleep. Creating a soft and soothing mood, it can also be beneficial in case of insomnia.

This mode focuses on a soft amber colour, with very slow, nearly imperceptible variations. Designed to transform the SensoSphere into a night light, it eliminates any trace of the blue colour known to disrupt the circadian rhythm through its suppression of melatonin, our “sleep hormone”. Ideal as a comforting lullaby of light for toddlers.

Here it is possible to select one single colour, chosen from all the spectrum of the rainbow, according to the mood or needs of the moment.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm


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