Voltage Touch Monitor (VTM)

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Reliably identifies & quantifies all voltage problems with +/-1999.9 volts range.

Monitor reads the voltage on a finger (identical to the voltage at every other point on the body).

It can detect as little as 1/10 volt in two modes: DC and AC/Spikes (ESD transients).

In the DC mode, displayed voltage is either (+) or (-), usually very low if grounding is being worn and functions properly.

Higher DC voltages (even grounded) occur if a DC ionizer is blowing too close, if in contact with high-static material, if in contact with metal at DC potential.

In AC/Spikes mode, any transient voltage spike at least 1/2 millisecond long is temporarily displayed. If several consecutive spikes occur, only the highest is displayed, regardless of polarity. If the signal is a repetitive (AC) wave, the peak voltage is displayed, always as a positive number. Even when proper grounding is worn, several tens of volts often occur with transients and AC. Maximum error for DC and AC is only 2% of the reading +/- 0.1 volt.

With the touch of a finger, this monitor can be reliably used to warn & educate those who work in the most static-sensitive environments, even where a fraction of a Volt is critical. When used to verify the operation of wrist straps and conductive footwear, it detects problems in the entire system. Verifies: bad ground plugs, bad floor conductance, voltage transients / AC present air near ionizers, equipment with ground fault, (Not detected with wrist strap or footwear testers).

For personnel to use periodically; monitor can be left on for years. (Power consumption is less than 1/4 watt; 2-year warranty.) Only a second is required to measure DC or AC present. For voltage transients, it is often prudent to test for several seconds to determine if an occasional pulse is present. If any problem is causing voltage to be present, even for a fraction of a millisecond, this monitor will detect it. Essentially no maintenance needed, and recalibration is not needed for 2 years.

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