AC Electric Field Meter – ACEF

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Measures 40Hz – 20kHz AC electric field in the vertical direction (same direction as the long axis of the meter).

High accuracy (+/-2% of reading +/- 1 count) with an electric field strength range of 19 999 V/m and resolution of 1 V/m. The sensor is in the top 1/3 of the meter.

Uses advanced AC detection circuitry, more accurate and faster reading, especially at high frequency and in weak field strength, than existing meters.

For frequencies up to 50 KHz, accuracy is still +/-2%, but the last digit will read lower by 2 counts at 25KHz and by 4 counts at 50 KHz. At 100 KHz, the meter will read low by 5% and low by 9 counts. For example, if the field is 5 V/m at 10 KHz, the meter will correctly read “005”. At 25 KHz (also 5 V/m), the meter will read “003” (2 counts low), but for stronger fields such as 1000 V/m at 25 KHz, the meter will read 980 to 1020 V/m, minus 002, which equals 978 to 1018 V/m.

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