High Resistance / Low Conductance Meter – HRLC

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For ultra high resistance measurements with very small current lowing through test components.

Interference precautions accounted for (grounded conductive box with a copper mesh viewing screen, shielding cable for “sensitive” terminal).

6 resistance ranges: 19.999/ 199.99/1999.9 MegOhms and 19.999/199.99/1999.9 GigOhms. Highest direct resistance reading is 1999.9 GigOhms, minimum resolution is .001 MegOhm (1 KiloOhm), when the meter is set for reading 19.999 MegOhms. Accuracy: +/-2% of the reading, +/- one count.

2 conductance (inverse of resistance) ranges: 19.999 NanoSiemens and 19.999 PicoSiemens. Accuracy: +/-2% of the reading, +/- one count; external interference may cause additional inaccuracy.

6 pre-set amounts of current used: from 19.999 MegOhm to 1999.9 GigOhm range, the pre-set currents are 100,10, and 1 NanoAmp; and 100,10, and 1 PicoAmp.

RESPONSE SPEED (signal averaging time) set at FAST [3X/sec] or SLOW [2 sec]

Zero-conductance offset (larger knob on right edge).

Instructions provided with instrument, including for calibration. See: High Resistance Low Conductance Meter HRLC – description & instructions

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Dimensions 34 × 17 × 12 cm


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