Pulsor Section Card (with tape, set of 2)

$217.00 HST

Card is used for protection against EMF radiation from cell & smart phones and other small electronic devices. When exposed to EMF, your body’s natural polarities and subtle energy field can be altered. Altered body polarity may cause psychological effects such as tension, frustration and apprehension.

Strips of double-sided tape are for applying to such devices as on cell or smart phones, cordless phones, hair dryer, electric shaver, remote controller, hand-held gaming controller, hand-held laser scanner or any other small portable electronic devices.

To apply, first clean the surface of the electronic device that the card is placed on. Then, peel off the protective layer to reveal the self adhesive tape and place where the surface is as flat as possible, Press firmly over entire surface to adhere the Section Card to the device.

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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 23 × 10 × 1 cm


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