Pulsor workshop – remote learning & tutoring

$375.00 HST

Pulsor training workshop outline:

Biophysical or bio-magnetic energies, basic concepts.

What are PULSORs? What do they do? How do they work? How to use them?

Applications of different kinds of PULSOR frequencies.

Body energy fields, centres and polarities — and their detection.

What are vortex polarities? What reverses polarities?

Balancing subtle energies.

Harmonizing energy flows in home and workplace.

Use of PULSOR units for balancing yourself and others.

Scanning another person. Detection and correction of energy blocks within the practitioner’s body after working on others.

Pain relief.

Basics of subtle energy management, creating a positive vortex, creating a negative vortex.

Rules for the formation of stimulating and relaxing energy systems.

Coupling of the three energy body fields. Coupling effects on blood pressure.

Relief of neck and shoulder tensions. De-stressing methods and more…

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