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A state-of-the-art portable mood lighting globe designed to provide you with a sense of well-being.

Designed to accompany you during your daily life, the SensoLight makes the benefits of our unique Light Modulation technology accessible and also portable, whether at home, at the office, while travelling, or on holidays – wherever you want! Its hand blown 4.5 inch diameter ​glass globe gives it an effective lighting range of about 6 feet, perfect for bringing color and vitality to your immediate environment.

The SensoLight features a built-in speaker offering a luminous wake-up experience accompanied by a selection of 10 natural sounds. It even tells you the time-of-day with a simple hand gesture.

​Delivered in a reusable folding box for safe transport.

​The SensoLight offers a choice of 5 Colour Modes, each using a combination of colours, modulation frequencies and light rhythms specifically optimized to bring about the desired mood.

Ideal when you feel stressed or tense, or when you want to calm restless thoughts or emotions. Glows in slow, flowing rhythms which invite peace and serenity.

Whenever you feel you need an energy boost, either physical or cerebral.

Allows you to focus on a single colour of your choice..

Beneficial at any time of the day, and is compatible with almost any mood. It can be used for general toning and harmonization, or simply to enjoy a beautiful feast of colours.

Transform the SensoLight into a night light, focusing on a soft amber colour, with very slow, nearly imperceptible variations.

​The SensoLight features a built-in accelerometer which transforms its light patterns in unpredictable ways whenever you move it, tilt it or shake it.

Its USB-rechargeable battery provides 5-hours autonomy at full brightness.

Pure, clean light

The SensoLight has been especially engineered with exclusive, high-precision analog LED driving electronics so that its soothing illumination generates pure, clean light conducive to harmonious mood lighting, and does not generate any light noise – unlike most common LED devices.

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SensoLight – User’s Manual

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Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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