Ultima Thunderbolt (Alert – set of 3)

$748.00 HST

The Ultima series are tuned to the brain wave frequencies.

The Ultima series of Pulsor is actually an electromagnetic pump. The Ultima extract electromagnetic vortex spins, much like the heat pump extracting heat from the ambient atmosphere. So. whatever may be stored in memories, the subconscious may tint all actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Most of all, tensions and relaxations of all our muscles and emotions on a cellular level, can affect mitogenic functions of physical organs. This is the major cause of our organic cellular disease and disharmony.

Mitogenic disorder, physical disease caused by mental fixations, such as intense jealousy, over-possessiveness, quarrelsome, fault-finding traits are common place. When brain waves are quiet, a body is enabled to start to heal itself, with certain healing occurring at different levels. If a problem is created by the mind, it is from the theta level, if it is from a past life, it needs delta.

Electromagnetic energy causes the reversal of polarity. Mental energy field controls the emotional energy field. Emotional energy field, controls the Physical energy field. Mental energy is caused by memories, traumatic or pleasant (sub-conscious). Every cell has a “brain” and remembers. Emotional energy field is caused by memories of emotions caused by anger, worry, etc., all different frequencies. Physical energy field is caused by memories such as accidents causing physical wounds. Memory causes thinking fixation. One-track mind that cannot be flexible jumps to conclusions. To correct this, use the Ultima series of Pulsors.

The Ultima Thunderbolt Pulsor is used for the physical level, working on the nervous system. The added energy burst will allow the neurotransmitters to have an easier task by overcoming the resistance of the oxidized protein and cholesterol as debris often found across the synapses, useful for the scalar potential surrounding the nerve networks.


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