Basis of electromagnetic hygiene – J. Kulczycki

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Spiral bound. Illustrated. 75 pages. Originally published in 1989.

Basic introduction to electromagnetic field issues based on a merging of scientific research conducted in both the Eastern and Western nations to define confirmation of biological effects, written by a head of Polish national radiation protection programmes. Its early determination of exposure limits was a precursor to the Council of Europe Resolution 1815 [2011] and the BioInitiative 2007 statement.

Covers the electromagnetic spectrum; sources of extremely low frequency, very low frequency and radiofrequency/microwaves fields.

Discusses known effects of geomagnetic disturbances; thermal and non-thermal effects of the electromagnetic fields on living organisms; bioeffects of extremely low frequency (ELF) fields; very low frequency (VLF) bioeffects and the radio/microwave bioeffects.

Indicates methods for protecting human populations from adverse electromagnetics.

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