Egely Wheel – Vitality meter

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Vitality Meter.

Learn about your changing vitality levels by placing your hand above the Egely Wheel. See: vitality

Dr. Bjørn Johan Øverbye, Ph.D., MD notes:

According to Buryl Payne and Georgy Egely, one can measure a right-spinning energy field around healthy humans, which appears not to be electrical, magnetic, gravitational or nuclear. It appears to be a universal force present known as spin-force (the gyro-effect). By simple means, one can demonstrate with a torsion ring, made from metal, wood, plastic or almost anything, that it will turn clockwise if you place your head under it, or use the Egely Wheel. The degree of spin depends on local geomagnetic field, presence of cosmic radiation, weather conditions etc. If there is a health-risk, the ring turns counter-clockwise. Dr. Payne takes this to indicate the presence of an unrecognised natural force provoked by external EM fields. What promotes the reversal of spin? Could it be the Burr L-field, the “mysterious” zero-point energy field spin, or even elusive scalar waves?

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