Tracing EMFs in building wiring and grounding – Karl Riley

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Classic. Spiral bound. Second edition, revised. 88 pages.

Comprehensive guide to identify what causes elevated magnetic fields, how they got there, and how to fix the wiring errors.

Step-by-step pointers for anyone who wants to reduce exposure to magnetic fields associated with wiring and grounding.

Indicates case histories, how to conduct surveys, and how to select instruments for measurement, and various shielding materials, all in concordance with electrical codes.

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1 review for Tracing EMFs in building wiring and grounding – Karl Riley

  1. André Fauteux, éditeur, magazine La Maison du 21e siècle

    An excellent practical and essential guide for all the electricians and others interested in electrosmog and biologically compatible electricity.

    Un excellent petit livre pratique, essentiel pour tous les électriciens et autres personnes intéressées par l’électrosmog et l’électricité biocompatible!

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